Public Exhibition

2018 ART BEIJING ART PARK Public Exhibition

“Moving Museum in Nature”


With “Moving Museum in Nature” as its theme, the 2018 ART BEIJING ART PARK Public Exhibition will carry forward its content, i.e. exhibitions and forums.  Different from previous years, ART PARK Public Exhibition this year attaches more importance to a wider nature. It stresses the relationship between the ecological environment and public art, and how art becomes part of activities in rural revitalization.


With the development of the times and the continuation of urban re-upgrading, the appeal for improved ecological standards in contemporary urban life also grows. Following the advocacy of national policies and daily needs of individuals, cities are likely to form a benign natural ecosystem. Then, what’s the role of art in such a system? As more and more cases of art intervention have emerged in rural construction and broader rural areas, public art is no longer exclusively for metropolises. That’s what’s urged us to turn our attention to “Moving Museum in Nature”.


As the functional boundaries of interior spaces of cities weaken, there comes the “Fuzzy Region” that makes the effect of public art more universal. The Internet, given its role in culture dissemination, has also increased people’s awareness of art and culture, and narrowed  the gap between urban and rural areas. People's eagerness to go back to basics also gradually brings art to natural areas. Therefore, “Moving Museum in Nature” expands in the “Fuzzy Region” and the natural areas in the countryside. It is possible for the public art to become a moving museum in the future. This is also what ART BEIJING explores with ART PARK in the area of public art.


For public exhibitions of ART BEIJING ART PARK :


Part One: As a significant part of public art exhibition each year, this year, we exhibit large landmark sculptures of Chen Xi, Jing Xiaolei, Song Jianshu, Xi Hua, Zheng Lu, etc. in the square area of Hall 1. These works best illustrate that as an integral part of public art large-scale sculptures embody a region’s cultural spirit and orientation of values.


Part Two: In the natural vegetation area of the Agriculture Exhibition Center, and according to the features of the terrain, we exhibit works of Cao Yun, Chen Jinqing, Cui Yu, Ding Hao, Gao Xiaowu, Guo Zilong, Jing Yumin, Liu Shaodong, Ren Rong, Tang Huawei, Wu Liangyan, Wang Chengpu, etc. These works are in harmony with the environment, related with the nature, thus forming a “Linear Art Museum”. Please note that there will be an interactive experience at “Rehe Yinmachuan Natural Art Museum”, and the art sculpture “Face Man” of CapitalMall Tiangongyuan will make its debut at Art Park.


Part Three: In the outdoor open space in front of Contemporary Art Exhibition Center, we mainly display those highly artistic and speculative works from such representative artists as Chen Wenling, Xiao Yu, Zhi Min. They will come into a dialogue those full of interest from Gao Xiaowu,Liu Ruowang and Luo Dan, and echo the theme of the Center. Moreover, these works also herald another possibility of public art in the future.


After the exhibition at the main venue of the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, ART PARK Public Exhibition will be extended to a place of superb natural ecology, Yinmachuan by the Great Wall. Collateral event of ART BEIJING is ART PARK Public Exhibition at Bulgari, when the works of Zhi Min, Zheng Lu, Jing Yumin and Tian He will be exhibited.


For public forums:


Session I: Symbiosis - Moving Museum in Nature


In Session I, based on the relationship between art and ecology, we will discuss how the art can intervene in a friendly manner in the idealized mode of the ecological chain of architecture, nature, and humans, so as to allow art to return to nature and the ecology. Meanwhile, we released the upcoming “Rehe Yinmachuan Art Maintenance Program” and “Rehe Yinmacuan Natural Art Museum”.


Session II: Ideal Homeland - The Effect of Arts in the Revitalization of Countryside


In this session, we invite leading domestic scholars, architects, senior cross-media creatives, Shenzhen LeLiving and other excellent enterprises willing to take the lead in rural revitalization to probe into the role of humanities and art in rural revitalization, and how to turn the rural areas into an ideal home with humanistic sentiments. “LeLiving Firefly Art Project” is released the same period.


Session 3: Fuzzy Region - Artistic Scene Application of the New Business Era


Art originates from people’s endless imagination and rich emotional expression. Varied arts can produce varied chemical reactions. The intersection of the two in the New Business Era creates a better life. In this forum, Art Intervention,  together with “Art Trade Journal”, invites representatives from different fields, such as commerce and arts institutions, to examine the sharing and application of experience scenarios based on the offline business space of Art Intervention.


高孝午  《宠神-狗》不锈钢340x187x425cm2018


刘若望《天马》250×390×120厘米 2017


萧昱《易位0B》铸铜 198x346x139cm2018



郅敏 《天象四神-青龙》角度 陶瓷、金属 690x120x260cm 2017