The 12th Art Beijing Art Fair

The Art Beijing fair is scheduled to be held on April 29 to May 2, 2017. This brings it to its 12th consecutive exhibition organized under the Art Beijing brand. Time flies and completes a full cycle of twelve years during which a toddler has grown into a teenager. In just twelve years, Art Beijing has experienced the rise and fluctuation of the art market, and the eruption and cool-down of financial crisis, as well as its fair share of criticisms and praises. Now without further ado, here it is.           


Presenting the Diversity of Art

With the core idea of being “Locally Based and Asia-Oriented”, Art Beijing 2017 consists of contemporary art, design, classic and public art. We have selected a diverse selection of art from over 160 exhibitors from 15 different countries and regions. Facing the fluctuation of the contemporary art market, it has steadily maintained the same scale and style as past exhibitions and has integrated all significant artistic forces in China. Art Beijing has also bonded with galleries in the process of development. This makes any and all efforts in supporting the operation and development of galleries possible, through the platform offered by the Art Gallery Association. (AGAB) The fair will be held to not only provide the support and services for the galleries during this exhibition, but to appear as a regular platform to divert all kinds of resources and traffic into the regular exhibitions and operations of galleries. Hence, Art Beijing will, as a whole, fuel the prosperity of the art market and promote the penetration of arts into the society and people’s lives. In the future, Art Beijing will also witness the development of arts and the art market in China from the perspective of galleries.            


China has developed one of the world’s largest art markets with its incomparable breadth and depth. However, the purchasing power in China shouldn’t be ignored by the world. With its profound culture and core values, the art market of China is comparably distinctive to that of others globally. Additionally, the situation of quick success in the Chinese art market through replicating the western operation mechanism and artistic style at the beginning of its development has completely vanished. There are however some notable differences between the artworks offered in comparison to the demand of the art market becoming more professional, rational and diverse in the current economic cycle. Therefore, how to provide a large variety of high-level works based on the market demand while keeping it professional has become not only a question to be answered by galleries and other entities, but also an issue to be studied and should be put under consideration from the fair in the intermediate market between primary and secondary markets.      


During the selection of galleries and reviews of art pieces, Art Beijing has taken into account the changes in the demand for art, and has confirmed that the Classical Beijing and Art Beijing are to be held in the same pavilion and platform, as the previous arrangement of the exhibition’s layout and boundaries were not so clearly laid out. Furthermore, artworks are exhibited in different areas based on their style in an attempt to enrich and diversify the exhibition.   



Special Division - “Find”

Art Beijing first appeared at a time when it was considered rare to consider a gallery as an exhibitor in China, so rare in fact that it was considered groundbreaking to even organize and host a gallery fair in the mainland. Based on the development laws of the mature art markets and the growing rise of collectors in China, it was an inevitable trend to follow for the development of galleries in the primary art market. The appearance of Art Beijing must be best oriented to promote the development of galleries with an agency mechanism to a large degree. Luckily, we grasped the opportunity during the rapid development of galleries to grow and advance with new galleries. Today, galleries have become the most important support in discovering great artists and to nurture their growth. More and more galleries have scattered throughout Beijing and welcome have had more and more visitors learning and appreciate art at its highest level.


Art Beijing has kept the principle of taking galleries as its exhibitors for years and has witnessed the gradual standardization, growth and expansion of numerous emerging galleries into influential art institutions. The “Find” program that ensures support for new galleries will be expanded by Art Beijing will be 1.5x bigger in 2017 to promote emerging artists and projects in Asia together with 17 different galleries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Tokyo including EGG Gallery, Hunsand Space, Tong Gallery + Projects, Yamamoto Gendai and URANO.

By introducing a variety of artistic forms such as painting, imagery, installations, photography, and graffiti, this will create all sorts of new Asian elements to the fair and enable collectors and visitors alike to understand and learn about the new look and new development of Asian art.