Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair Reaches New Heights
The Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair came to a successful close on May 2, 2010, leaving audiences wanting still more.


As one of China's top contemporary art events, the Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair presented its most diverse and forward-thinking international art exhibition to date. Based on the exhibition's striking success, audiences took home the message that China's art market is getting back on the right track, enthused with a new vitality as the effects of the global economic crisis begin to wane.


Art Beijing upholds the values of original, creative thinking and focuses on the local art and collecting communities. Its aim is to expand to all regions in Asia and to all continents across the globe. This year, its strategies are showing an international impact. The Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair brought together more than 100 art institutions from 18 countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, U.K., U.S.A., Germany, France, Austria, Russia, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Bangkok, Spain, Colombia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.


Seeing domestic and foreign masterpieces alongside some of the art world's most innovative young voices captivated the audiences. The pieces in the exhibition include works by China's art world stars, including Wang Huaiqing, Fang Lijun and Yue Minjun. Meanwhile, foreign galleries exhibited renowned contemporary artists like Marc Quinn and Gerhard Richter. Furthermore, the Puerto Rico International Art Fair curated key art works that showcased contemporary Latin ideas and aesthetics.


Coinciding with Beijing's Golden Week holiday, the four-day Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair brought nearly 50,000 visitors to participating galleries, helping cultivate new reach and resources for these galleries. All participants, including galleries, collectors and consultants, took the opportunity to network and develop new opportunities for the contemporary fine art market.


Art Beijing has long strived to promote communication and cultivate the growth of galleries. We are deeply indebted to the support of our friends and members, who continue to push forward the art collection market, as well as academic work, in China and beyond. We look forward to working with you over the coming year to bring our programs and China's art market to even greater levels of success.












Photo Beijing 2010
Photo Beijing is a held in conjunction with the Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, receiving support from the fair's Executive Committee. Its "Greenhouse Project", which aims to further the development of photo art, is now in its third year. Since its inception, the project has secured the support and appreciation of industry insiders, media and photo art enthusiasts. This year's Photo Beijing 2010 boasted of more than 10 domestic and foreign participating galleries and arts institutions. Thanks to the "Art Platform" initiative-which seeks the collaboration of non-profit institutions-embassies, art galleries, and other art-related institutions from all over the world were invited to jointly participate as a means of demonstrating world-class cutting-edge photography to a wider range of audiences. After the last three years of careful "Greenhouse Project" cultivation, we are indeed pleased to see the photography art market enter a new stage of development.
Photo Beijing will continue to make the promotion of photographic arts and top-level art exhibitions its priority, as well as make the utmost efforts to create a world-class exhibition and platform to cultivate contemporary photography in China.






Artists Cinema
As one of the permanent features of Photo Beijing, the Artists Cinema exhibition is a key event. The application of video in the exhibition and promotion of contemporary art has been increasingly prominent in recent years. Video is indeed one of the most prevalent media for communication in life today. For this installment, Artists Cinema invited more than 90 contemporary photo, film and video artists from across the globe to participate in the exhibition. Under the unique structural planning and guidance of the Art Beijing Executive Committee, Art Cinema became a key attraction for Photo Beijing. Displaying artists' works in fixed rotation, Artists Cinema fully immersed audiences in the artists' unique visual languages.


This year, Art Beijing once again partnered up with Samsung Electronics, adding 3-D image technology to the fair's many attractions. The 3-D Experience Hall enabled a greater number of people to personally experience new vivid imaging technology and also hinted at new territory that tomorrow's artists will soon be exploring.








Fashion Beijing 2010 International Fashion Photography Exhibition
In what is yet another highlight of this year's Art Beijing 2010
Fashion Beijing 2010 International Fashion Photography Exhibition presented over 70 unique works from 20 renowned fashion photographers, both Chinese and foreign. The unique and versatile display reminded art enthusiasts just how many different forms art can take.


Learning from the successful experience of the first Fashion Beijing, Art Beijing continued to promote the exploration of art and fashion. With the collaboration of respected media-Harper's BAZAAR, Youth Vision and Photographers' Companion, Fashion Beijing provided a broad, professional platform for exchange between Chinese and foreign fashion. The eye-pleasing creations of young Chinese fashion photographers Fan Xin, Feng Hai, Liz, Sam Skin, Ye Tinghu & Huang Xingyu and Zack Zhang, among others, allowed audiences to see an ever-growing force in the local creative fashion scene. At the same time, works of renowned international photographers Andre Brito, Erwin Olaf, Ilya Rashap, Pierre Dal Corso, Samuli Karala, Erin Mulvehill, Kourtney Roy and Maiko Takeda revealed the magnificent panorama of global fashion photography and urged more dynamic discussion of the relation between fashion and art.


Attracting a large number of artists, critics, collectors, media, models, stylists, designers and other fashion professionals and art enthusiasts, Fashion Beijing 2010 received widespread attention and praise from both the industry and the public. It showed that fashion, inasmuch as it is an attitude, can produce more profound influence on people's lives, and, as another dimension of art, can provide us with refreshing space to think. The next Fashion Beijing is poised to help us broaden our vision by bringing the deeper brilliance of fashion and art to the fore.







"Art Unforbidden" Theme Exhibition
-Group Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists

In accordance with the theme of "New Generation, New Art", the academic committee heading Art Beijing invited more than 70 young artists recommended by over 30 galleries. Their works spanned a variety of media, including installation, painting and video. In showing these works by young artists, the exhibition not only explored young people's thoughts on society today but also uncovered new artistic voices and possibilities. The layout and display of "Art Unforbidden" was carefully planned to let audiences experience more diversified artistic languages and fresher artistic elements. Throughout the last five years, Volkswagen has been widely praised for establishing a successful model for merging art and commercial brands through its continued support of "Art Unforbidden."


While highly personal, the works of young artists can be indicators of public reception and interpretation of contemporary art in a quickly shifting era. "Art Unforbidden" thematically explores the concept of permanence in art. Its visual and conceptual impact overturns traditional constraints of media and materials, challenging existing notions of art and cultural aesthetics.


Since the first Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair in 2006, the Executive Committee has promoted the "Art Unforbidden" thematic exhibition. Art Beijing makes use of the exhibition to discover new possibilities and emerging voices in Chinese contemporary art. It hopes to shed new light on individual artists and their works through an academic focus, thereby recommending young artists and exciting artistic trends. In a word, it hopes to create a larger window for people to gaze upon the future of Chinese art.







Public Art Fair
In the highly developed material civilization of today, art is closer and closer to people's life. It has even entered the realm of daily social life, and public life as a whole has become gradually artistic in itself. As such, public art will become a trend in future development of the arts. Outside the Art Beijing venue plans of a public art fair saw the invitation of Sui Jianguo, Peng Hongzhi, Chen Wenling, Liu Yonggang, Wu Rigen, Deng Jianjin, Alessandro Rolandi, Bard Breivik, Kristiina Koskentola, Saint Clair Cemin, and other famous artists from China and abroad to join in on the festivities. Placing special focus on the relation between the works themselves and also between the work and the exhibition space, this outdoor exhibition sought to discover a way for art to enter the domain of everyday life. With these sculptures on the square attracting much audience attention, the interaction between the public and the art revealed wonderful prospects for the future, and strengthened Art Beijing's conviction to promote "public art" and its faith in its illustrious tomorrow.









Art Beijing 2010 Economic Forum
On April 29, 2010, prior to the Art Beijing 2010 exhibition, the Art Beijing Economic Forum began in Beijing at the Gehua Building. Mr. Zhao Li, Art Director of Art Beijing, underscored that the forum is a top priority for Art Beijing. The Art Beijing Economic Forums focus their discussions on current trends and provide collectors and art enthusiasts with new resources and perspectives on the art market.


The Art Beijing Economic Forum invites high-level guests from the local art community and is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, Mr. So Jin Su, Professor at Economics School of University of South Korea and President of Art Market Research Institute, Mr. Jing Naiquan, Deputy Chief of Jiang Wan Ling International Economy and Financial Investment Research Center, Ms. Xin Meisha, Director of Tokyo Art Fair and Mr. Ye Qiang, Special Adviser of Shenzhen Cultural Property Rights Exchange, discussed issues surrounding the theme of "The Asian Art Market: A Bubble Bursting or a Market Headed Towards Recovery?"


Mr. So Jin Su focused his attention on the current conditions and future of the Asian art market. Mr. So noted that in the 21st century, the world economy has been under a somewhat negative influence from the United States' economy. Meanwhile developing countries positively support the world economy with very high-8 percent to 10 percent-growth rates. The economic crisis has changed, and will continue to change, people's understanding of the art market structure. After the first pangs of the economic crisis, ranks of galleries and auction houses swiftly changed and, in general, collectors, artists and gallerists today have come to new understandings of the values of both classical and contemporary art.


"Art is a product worthy of long-term investment," So said. "Through the market changes between 2007 and 2009, we find that the market share of Chinese art has increased year on year. Europe and the United States occupied three quarters in 2007, and in 2009, the market share of China and France has obviously increased. In recent years, the Chinese art market has been the only market with continuous and steady growth. This is a market in which Chinese ancient painters and calligraphers have a higher share." Mr. So supported his firm belief that the art market and economy are recovering, pointing out that the art market is becoming increasingly active and that the Asian art market continues to grow.


Professor Jing Naiquan spoke about the "Art Market and Economy," focusing on the effects of the art market boom. "After this [financial crisis], nobody will deny the relationship between art and its market." Professor Jing believes that the economic recovery will provide an opportunity for the art market to bottom out." These days, for example, more and more financial powers are intervening in the art market. Art is nearly recognized as a third pillar of investment and financing." Data shows that the risk of the investment and financing project that contains art is far lower than that without art. He believes that the appreciation of RMB will drive foreign money to rush into domestic market, and the art market will almost certainly expand.
Ms. Xin Meisha discussed the development of Asian art from market to industry. Using the SOHO District of New York as an example, she discussed the changes the area underwent as a result of industrialization. Despite the fact that Chelsea has many overlapping similarities Beijing's 798 Art District, the industrialization of SOHO has taken place for over 30 years, where it has happened to 798 in only a few years. The combination of fashion brands and art is a frequent occurrence: Louis Vuitton, Prada and other brands promote their own conceptions of art. Mr. Ye Qiang discussed art's property rights exchanges as a new part of the art market. At present, Mr. Ye is the adviser of Shenzhen Cultural Property Right Exchange. He believes that this form of branding and art will expand art's market potential.


A brief and casual Q&A session took place during the afternoon and allowed audience members to directly interact with the speakers. Mr. Zhao Li, the Art Director of Art Beijing, Mr. Leng Lin, the founder and current manager of Beijing Commune, Ms. Marry, an art industry consultant and Mr. Xu Zhenxi, the Director of AAAF, mainly focused on questions about the work of creating a personal Asian art collection.


Through in-depth discussions and exchanges on the topic, audience members were able to further understand the growth and evolution of the contemporary Chinese art market and feel inspired and confident by the prospect of Chinese art market. The interpretation and analysis gleaned from the forums will give the audience members a deeper understanding and add to the value of their experience at Art Beijing.








Art Beijing 2010 Education Progrom
The Art Beijing Education Forum aims to encourage art education and promote interest in art. The Education Forum in the past has been one of the most important programs for Art Beijing. The forum focuses on contemporary art and cultural art, and discusses the development history of contemporary art and its growth in the Asian market. This year, four Education Forums for VIP card holders were sold out prior to the show.


This year, Art Beijing invited a number of high-level scholars and curators, including So Jin Su, Professor at the Economics School of the University of South Korea and President of the Art Market Research Institute, Zhu Qingsheng, Professor of Peking University, Zhang Yiwu, Deputy Chief of the Cultural Resource Research Center of Peking University and Professor at the Chinese Department of Peking University, and Mary Dinaburg, initiator of the Fortune Cookie Projects. The four featured speakers are experienced professionals all active in the Asian and global cultural art circle. The forum is a well regarded one that is recognized by its speakers and audience members as a very worthwhile and exciting event. Art Beijing promises to arrange more experienced industry insiders to communicate and engage with art enthusiasts at future exhibit event with the aim of promoting art education.







Art Beijing 2010 VIP Events
Art Beijing continually upgrades its VIP services. Art Beijing created multiple new features for its VIP member services in the week leading up to the Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair and added number of additional, smaller events for VIP members.







Cao Chang Di Photo Spring Night
For one particular VIP event, "Caochangdi Photo Spring Night," 50 VIP card holders were invited from Asia, Europe and America. Art Beijing arranged for more than 10 important galleries and art organizations to extend their hours of operation for the special Art Beijing VIP event. The Moriyama Daido exhibition at Three Shadows, "The World of Nobuyoshi Araki" exhibition at ShanghART Gallery, the Ian Anull solo exhibition at Galerie Urs Meile, the Wu Yinxian, Han Lei and Cai Weidong group exhibition at Taikang Space, and the Chi Peng solo exhibition at White Space were all a part of this special event.







As the art market has developed, the vast majority of the market has shifted its focus to high-end collections, and therefore now neglects many art products that ­t a wider range of consumers. In response to the demand from art enthusiasts, Art Beijing participates in the marketing of art products that build on the works of famous artists.


The Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair includes a special art shops area for this unique market. Visitors can participate in the contemporary art market through the collection of these art products and other art-related products sold at these shops. The shops present a new trend in experiencing contemporary art, as well as for promoting the development of the art product design market.





Art Beijing 2010 Instituto Cervantes Special Forum
"Construction: Urban Planning and Contemporary Culture's New Communication Strategy" an exhibit launched by Instituto Cervantes, was also on view at the Art Beijing VIP Room. The short film "FRESHLATINO" documents and shows the works of 14 Ibero-America architecture studios, exploring their forward-thinking architectural projects, as well as their largest and most impressive architectural masterworks. The film integrates modern art, performance and architecture. Audience members feel like they are physically present at the location of the pieces, and are able to feel the fast rhythm of modern metropolis' at a close range as well as the charms of contemporary Latin architecture.









Art Beijing 2010 UCCA Special Forum
Spectators See More than Players—Foreign Artists in China
On April 30, a forum co-organized by Art Beijing and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art was held in 798 at UCCA. Nearly 20 curators, artists, art critics and journalists from different countries, cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise were invited to participate in scholarly exchange during a series of round-table discussions. The theme of "Spectators See More Than Players" suggested that foreign artists in China truly are in contact with Chinese culture and that they also must confront the conflicts and challenges of local cultural conditions. It also strived to express the artists' personal experience in China.


Cooperating with important international galleries, art centers, and national embassies, this exhibition methodically arranged to show the work of more than 20 foreign artists created in China to Art Beijing visitors. Following his observations and experience in China, curator Luca Zordan boldly applied these works to present both the artists' knowledge of Chinese culture as well as the materialistic expression of this knowledge. Besides expressing the artists' views on China, it also gave the Chinese public a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the emotions and cultural traits that they may ignore in their own daily life.







Art Beijing Night of Yintai
At the grand opening of the Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair, the Art Beijing Yintai Salon and the Beijing Yintai Center Park • Life building jointly held the "Art Beijing • Night of Yintai" exhibition for guests and participating media.


A key satellite exhibition to the fifth Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, "Night of Yintai" received wide media attention. The exhibition was composed of two parts. The first featured important art works, by leading artists like Wu Guanzhong, Zao Wou-ki, Lin Fengmian, Xu Beihong, Chen Yifei, Wang Guangyi, Wang Yidong, Huang Gang, Chen Wenji and Ji Dachun. The second part of the exhibition focused on a series of geographic and cultural concepts in the theme of "City, Life, Creation." These works included sculptures and installations by world renowned artists installed in the public space from B1 to F3 of the Yintai Center Park • Life building. The exhibition deftly made use of this important public space, combining art with a key site of business in Beijing.


An estimated 500 guests attended the opening and spoke about how deeply impressed they were by this open, free space to appreciate and discuss the art works, as well as the creative food provided by the sponsors. This event was made possible only with the generous support of the Yintai Center Park • Life and General Manager of Yintai Center, Zhu Xiaodong, who fully recognizes the importance of this exhibition for Beijing's art community. Zhu and Art Beijing look forward to further collaborations and building the Yintai Center Park • Life building into a model for synergy between art and business.


The Art Beijing Executive Committee always maintains a pragmatic attitude toward the art market, clearly positioning its exhibitions, meticulously planning its various programs, and constantly developing and embodying multiple artistic forms and ideas. At the same time, Art Beijing continually keeps an ear to the ground for the demands of exhibitors, collectors, audiences, exhibition sponsors and artists, as it progressively improves exhibition planning, collector programs, media publicity and visitor services towards achieving its objective of bringing the joys of art and art collection to new audiences.











Love Brings Charity And Artists Together: the Siyuan Torch of Love Fund Returns to Art Beijing for a Second Spring
Utilizing the fourth installment of Art Beijing last year as a platform, the Siyuan Torch of Love Fund consigned artworks for "Love Rose Valley Project", many for the 2009 Hermès charity auction. This year, the Siyuan Torch of Love Fund returned again to Art Beijing, to commemorate the memory of all the compatriots who unfortunately died in the May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake disasters on this, its second anniversary. The event reminded those in the art circle to reignite the torch of post-disaster reconstruction and to help women in poverty gain self-reliance.


All the roses seen in the Art Beijing venue come from the "Love Rose Valley Project". Art Beijing has also opened a special space for Siyuan Torch of Love Fund fundraising activities, so that they may more effectively move people to pass on the "Torch of Love." At Art Beijing's VIP Preview on the evening of April 29, the Siyuan Torch of Love Fund awarded a trophy of honor and advisory letter of appointment to Art Beijing Director Mr. Dong Mengyang in expression of its gratitude to the fair's continuous support of Love of Rose Valley.







Hand in Hand with Art Beijing, Samsung 3D Image Art Highlights The Place
On April 12, 2010, an opening ceremony was jointly held by Art Beijing and Samsung China at The Place in honor of Samsung Technology's 3-D imaging research and development. Park Jung Jun, General Manager of Samsung China's Northern Region, Zheng Wenhe, Audio Visual Department Chief of Samsung China's Northern Region, and Dong Mengyang, Director of Art Beijing joined dozens of artists, including Wu Xiaobo, Sara Keenlyside, Lu Yanlin, He Baozhi and Wang Xinmin, in celebrating the tremendous artistic potential of 3-D art.


The images on display aimed to push forward artistic practices in using cutting-edge 3-D computer technology. The innovative 3-D art works were displayed on the massive 250 x 300 meter LED screen at Beijing's The Place shopping mall. The leading organizers of the Art Beijing and Samsung plan to continue to collaborate by opening doors for artists using 3-D projection as their medium.


The project included the full Samsung 3-D LED TV experience, complete with an outdoor 3-D projection wall and indoor artist theater. Viewers were not only introduced to the technology and design aspects of Samsung's products, but also to the brilliant work of the artists on display. The gargantuan outdoor 3-D creative projection was the highlight of the event. Using a large format wall projector, the artistic video pieces were projected onto the facade of the landmark building, bringing the enormous potential of technology and art to the fore. The creative pieces coupled with Samsung's sharp 3-D image technology left viewers completely mesmerized.


After Samsung's successful support to Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair, this second cooperation between Samsung and Art Beijing focused on creating a larger, more influential and international contemporary art experience at the Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair. The event lasted for one month and created a visual feast with works by artists from across China. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics continues to expand and deepen its cooperation with artists in China.