The Art Beijing 2009 · Contemporary Art Fair closed on April 30 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall. As the global art market faced the pressures of the financial crisis, Art Beijing 2009 focused on positive developments within new movements, scholarly work and global movements. Art Beijing helped cultivate the development of the Chinese contemporary art market, and received garnered tremendous attention from the press, collectors and audiences alike. A vast number of collectors and art fans attended the opening party. During the four-day exhibition, 45,700 visitors came to see Art Beijing 2009, nearly double last year's estimate of 25,000. The high attendance demonstrated the growing interest from all circles in Chinese contemporary art and in Art Beijing.




More than 60 art organizations from Japan, Korea, Australia, England, Germany, France, Finland, the province of Taiwan and the Chinese mainland took part in this year's Art Beijing. The broad participation is evidence of international art galleries' interest in Chinese contemporary art and the influence of Art Beijing. Participating galleries exhibited a number of important creating an innovative show and fresh experience for participants and the audience.






A1-A2 | Triumph Art Agency
A3-A4 | Arario Gallery
A5-A6 | Tang Contemporary Art
A7 | Redstar Gallery
A8 | ShanghART Gallery
A9-A10 | Main Trend Gallery
A11-A12 | Beijing Art Now Gallery
A13 | Fine Arts Literature Art Center
A14 | 3+3 Art Space
A19-A20 | AirMedia Art Institution
A21 | Shanghai Shengling Art Gallery
A22 | In-shine Gallery
A23-A24 | LDX Contemporary Art Center
A25 | Artmia Foundation
A26 | Culture Section of Israel Embassy
A27 | Beijing Center for the Arts
A28 |
北京塞万提斯学院/ 西班牙文化中心/Instituto Cervantes Pekín
B1-B2 | Chen Lin Hui Contemporary Space
B3 | Eastation Gallery/aye gallery
B4 | hanmo art gallery
B5 | Beijing TS1 Gallery
B6 | Art Beatus Gallery
B7 | Chambers Fine Art
B8 | C5 Art
B9-B10 | EM Art Gallery Beijing
B11 | bridge gallery
B12 | How Space
B14 | Star Gallery
B15 | Boers-Li Gallery
B16 | Pékin Fine Arts
B17 | Schuebbe Projects
B18 | AFA Beijing Contemporary Art Centr
B19 | Hedonism Community
B20 | Line Gallery
B21 | Hongwan Art Center
B22 | Gaodi Gallery
B23 | Dialogue Space
B24 | PIFO New Art Gallery
B25-B26-B32-B31| Galerie Forsblom
B27-B28 | K · Gallery
B29 | Dollinger Art Project | The Heder Contemporary Art Gallery
B30 | Artquest London








Art Beijing 2009 Thematic Exhibition- Art Unforbidden
Poetic• Daily——Chinese Young Artists Group Exhibition


The development of contemporary art is a story of breaking through previously held cultural and aesthetic taste, and of using art to create the history of taste in this new era. This breakthrough is articulated in terms of both the new forms and capacities which art assumes, as well as the expansion of art's range of media and materials. "Art Unforbidden", as the regular thematic exhibition of Art Beijing, aims to present some of the most pressing contemporary artistic trends and artists. Many of the artists included in this exhibition transcend these current trends in terms of concept and form, and yet in another sense, they represent a breakthrough of present artistic reality. They are the tomorrow of art. "Art Unforbidden" is a purely academic exhibition with an international bent. Its goal is to provide a vista of the future of art.


"Poetic• Daily" is the subject of 2009 "Art Unforbidden". It focuses on these younger artists whose artistic creation had combined with their life experience. Named "Poetic• Daily" means art atmosphere is an indispensable element of normal life. When these creative young artists catch their flashy idea and image on their works, they should have the quality of "calm and peace" in mind.







Surface Active


Surface Active brought together major figures in French street art, including Jef Aérosol, Speedy Graphito, Jean Faucheur, Psyckoze, Monsieur Chat and RCF. The exhibition retraced the evolution of this contemporary artistic movement. Each of these artists drew from his/her own particular background, mode of expression and convictions. All used the opportunity as an opportunity for artistic exploration in an urban space. Three representative graffiti artists were invited by Art Beijing 2009 to perform their work live at Art Beijing.








Art Economic
Sub-subject Forum


One of the central components of "Art Beijing 2009•Contemporary Art Fair," the 2009 Art Economic Forum was held at the Imperial City Art Museum, located in Changpuheyan, Beijing. The Forum was jointly organized by Art Beijing and the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park. The outbreak of the global financial crisis has greatly affected the development of the art market, and participants came seeking answers to urgent questions: How much is the global macroeconomic environment influencing the art market at present? What is the present status of and prospects for the Asian art market? As part of the Forum, Mr. Zhang Xinjian, Deputy Director of the Market Department of the Ministry of Culture, offered a thorough commentary on these issues, as well as on the future of the art market of China, which Zhang argues is bright.