Public Art


ART PARK- special project for public art of “ART BEIJING”, combined operated by “ART BEIJING” and Beijing TongYi International Culture & Art Co., LTD , the first show was in ART BEIJING decennial 2015. Following “Idea City, Art Intervention”, themed with “Art for tomorrow” in 2016, the “ART PARK” focuses on the trend of art publicity, explores the function of art integrating with public, thinks the relationship between natural and city, and also carries out children public art experience project. “For tomorrow” is an attitude not only for zoology, education, cities we live in but also the future for people. We take a positive way in active intervention to promote art to participate the construction of urban optimization, environment protection and society progress.




It tries on more possibility of public art, focuses on the function for future society development of art, for this year, the creation from architect , art education and ecological public will be new. It contains three exhibitions and two forums, variety form works from different vision of Art Invention public space and  multiple subjects will be encouraged. Main venue in Agriculture Exhibition Centre and parallel sessions will be concomitant, <”YueMu” Art Intervention original public art exhibition> in Chaoyang Joy City, <”On the corner” International Contemporary Art Exhibition> in ShunYi, 3D print and influence of artworks realization from digitization will be in the forums, Art Intervention practice cases and deep analysis communication will be included. 




“Art Intervention special fund” for this year could help the artworks become true for artists, the first 5 supported artists’ works are finished and will show in ART PARK this year. For continuous trying and research,we plan to start “the year of artistic master” and Top 10 in quarter selecting activities. We hope to collect the artists’ work and scheme from home and abroad during more extensive scope, based on the examining from Art Committee, support the selected artists in the form of money, technology and market, for better development of public art’s integration during relevant field. 



Director: Zhao Li, Da Mo(Liu Jun)

Curators: Ding Yuan

Union Curators: Chen Zhanhui, Sun Tanying

Executive Director: Jenny Hung

Account Director: Guo Lan

2016 ART BEIJING ART PARK special partner: Chaoyang Joy city, COFCO Shine Hills

Support: The Architect Branch of China Construction Institute(the construction planning branch), Beyond Architecture, Art Nova 100, 58ART, SMART, Chinese modern and contemporary fine arts literature research center

Undertaker: Beijing Tongyi International Culture & Art Co., LTD(Art Intervention)

Graphic Design: ikon Design

Service provider: Beijing Yijie Technology Service Co., LTD

Exhibited artists ( alphabet sequence)

Bi Heng, Che Fei, Chene Wengling, Chen Zhanhui, Christopher•Gabarron, Cui Yu, Guo Zilong, Han Jinsu, Huang Keyi, Huang Yulong, Li Hong, Liu Fang, Lu Zhengyuan, Ma Xiaowei, Ren Jun, Ren Rong, Shi Liren, Tian Ye, Teppei Kaneuji, Wang Changming, Wang Wei, Wei Chunyu, Xing Xin, Xu Xiaonan, Ye Cheng, Zhuo Xin

Art Intervention (Beijing Tongyi International Culture & Art Co., LTD)

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Zip: 100015

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Contact: Jenny Hung