Children's Art Education Programs of Sun Future Foundation in Art Beijing 2016

Art Beijing 2016 has invited Sun Future Art Education Foundation, which is founded by Ms. Yang Lan, to be its philanthropic partner. The two parties will work together to support and facilitate art education for children and adolescents, especially those from disadvantaged communities.



Sun Future Foundation will hold an exhibition of all the works created in Artist on Campus, a non-profit art education program, in the public art area of Art Beijing 2016. The Foundation has invited young artists Chen Ke, Wu Shaoying, Yancong and Zhao Yanbin to work with the children from four migrant schools. They created four series of works under the theme of "love stories", each about "love for home", "love for lives", "love for life" and "my aspiration" respectively. Besides the exhibition, the Foundation will also provide several family-friendly art workshops. The workshops are organized by MAC Time Community Art Center, the team who designed a series of children’s art courses, Love through Art, for Sun Future Foundation.



About Sun Future Art Education Foundation

Sun Future Art Education Foundation was founded by Ms. Yang Lan. The foundation bases itself on the belief of “Art Education Makes Good People”, and aims to help people’s balanced and all-around development as well as to provide suitable, sufficient, and quality art education for disadvantaged children and adolescents. The foundation helps the elementary and middle school teachers to build career identity, encourages the grass-root effort of exploration and innovation by the teachers, and advocates the mindset of educationists. The foundation facilitates the researches on, practices of, and innovations in art education for children and adolescents in China, in order to explore and discover routes and mechanisms to address social issues with art education. The foundation brings charitable efforts from all communities together, builds a platform for all participants of art education to communicate and share ideas, and contributes to the grand achievement of universal art education. In 2015, Sun Future Foundation provided various projects for children and adolescents in less privileged communities, such as Junior Ensembles, Sun Art Classrooms, and Journey of Art. These projects helped 54 schools for migrant worker’s children that accounted about 60% of all such schools in Beijing, and directly benefited 8,090 children. Sun Art Teachers' Development program provided training to 163 young teachers and volunteers.


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