Art Beijing Announces New Executive Team Lineup

In 2016, Art Beijing will welcome its second decade. For this art fair which has been developing robustly in China, team building is of vital importance. Following senior media professional Sam Lee’s joining Art Beijing at the end of last year, Dong Mengyang, who has been Director of Art Beijing for 10 years, is upbeat about the next 10 years of the company and has a completely new plan ready for implementation. Takahiro Kaneshima, a veteran in the Asian art circles and Chi Gang, who has rich operation management experiences, also successively joined Art Beijing, injecting new blood to the Art Beijing team and making 2016 a year of great expectations for the company.


The new team of Art Beijing consists of the following members:


Chi Gang, Operation Director, Art Beijing

With an EMBA of BiMBA and a Master’s degree in art theory from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, he has successively served at several multinational companies, including the leading art website in charge of its marketing and enterprise management work. He has rich serve and operation management experiences in the art market. Currently, he is mainly in charge of the operations and management work of Art Beijing.



Sam Lee, Brand Director, Art Beijing

He started media work in 2001 and continued to 2014. As the editor-in-chief of China’s most influential weekly publication Modern Weekly (Urban Edition), he truly turned the magazine into a must-read for the urban elite in China. It is the only nationwide authoritative media which captures urban trends, publishes the voices of opinion leaders and offers a comprehensive guide to local life. Meanwhile, his profound insight into urban life has made him a popular guest for TV interviews and sought-after author in the architectural design and consumer culture of fields. He has also provided creative services to numerous international brands, served as art director for various print media advertisements and photography works, developed new publishing concepts and edited books. In recent years,Sam Lee has initiated the China Urban Life Aesthetics Project to team up with the most forward-looking enterprise brands in China to boost the aesthetics of urban life in the country.

At the end of 2014, Sam Lee joined Art Beijing and became its executive director. In 2016, he will be primarily responsible for brand promotions and related commercial cooperation projects in his capacity as Brand Director for Art Beijing.


(Photographer:Wu Wei)


Takahiro Kaneshima, Art Director, Art Beijing

After receiving his MA from the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University in 2002, Takahiro Kaneshima successively worked for the Nokia Research Center (Finland), TOSHIBA Digital media (Tokyo) and Tokyo Gallery+BTAP (Beijing). Subsequently, he established Far East Contemporaries in 2007 and also had been a member of the committee of “Creative City Yokohama” to push forward art and cultural programs in Yokohama. As the Director of Far East Contemporaries (2008 onwards) and Executive Director of Art Fair Tokyo (2010-2015), he assisted Asian artists in international promotions and organized a number of international art exchange programs. In Art Beijing, he is mainly responsible for attracting exhibitors and handling related art programs by taking advantage of rich working experience in international fairs as Art Director of Art Beijing.



Meanwhile, Dong Mengyang and Zhao Li,as founders of Art Beijing, will continue to follow up with and support the development of Art Beijing and devote more time and energy to integrating resources in primary market and establishing connectivity with financial institutions. The completely new executive team of Art Beijing is well-known among China’s art fair circles for their solid academic background and familiarity with the law of the market. With Asia firmly on its mind, the executive team will closely keep pace with the development trend of the art market, duly adjust its market strategies and continuously improve its plans. SPAN>


In the first decade since its inception, Art Beijing has established a solid brand image both at home and abroad. In the next 10 years, Art Beijing will continue to carry forward its persistent philosophy of “Taking a Stronghold in China, Reaching out to the Whole Asia”, integrate various kinds of art resources in various regions, push forward the greater development of China’s art market and gradually build Art Beijing into an art fair which is novel, modernistic and most influential in the Asia region.